Bol d'Or Classic


Philippe Lebeau

For the 20th edition of the Bol d’Or Classic, the SuperBolide Team will be made up of Denis Zanon, in his late fifties, and myself, just turned sixty. We are complete amateurs who have had great off-road experiences since… 1975.

The race will take place on the legendary Paul Ricard track on Friday September 18, opening the “real” Bol d´Or which will be launched the next day at noon and end 24 hours later on Sunday. And because at SuperBolide, we love authentic stories, Denis and I will take turns riding a beautiful Italian… a Ducati. Bellissima!

Of course, we have heard everything possible about our transalpine choice: “More trouble than it’s worth”, “a real shit show” and so on. However, I have dreamed of racing with a Ducati for 47 years. But what guided our choice was the originality of the motorcycle, Italy’s passion for motorsports, the genius of Ducati designers, the desire to do something different and the courageous friend who lent us his bike for the race. What a great man! 

Because our sporting future is behind us, so to speak, our objectives are primarily to have fun and to finish the race. That’s why we are going to run with an almost stock motorcycle, taking as a basis a low mileage machine, a particularly careful engine overhaul by the experienced Ducati dealer in Nice, fairing and seat dedicated to the track, an EMC shock absorber, a prepared fork, an anti-dribble clutch so as not to ruin the rods or the ground of the Ricard during a downshift, and basta! 

The rest of the soap opera will come soon. Follow us on the SuperBolide Facebook page to be keep up with the next installment of the story. Ciao!


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