Martial Garcia

Michel Rougerie, Freddy Spencer, Norifumi Abe, Christian Sarron, Niall Mackenzie, Jean-Philippe Ruggia, Loris Baz, Jean-Michel Bayle and more recently Lucas Mahia… are some of the pilots who collaborated with Martial Garcia. Since more than 40 years, Martial works at the highest level of speed. As a mechanic, track engineer, engine mechanic or team leader, he was involved in several World titles, with Kawasaki in Endurance, with Yamaha in Superbike and Grand Prix.

Martial Garcia began in competition during the Continental Circus, an era where Grand Prix riders could be wounded or die at every second, where factory mechanics worked in the grass and teams, including the pilots, crossed Europe in a van to race behind the iron curtain, never sure to be engaged. All the actors of the Continent Circus were profoundly marked by this period where life and death gathered in a furious intensity.

Martial is one of those who are always focused on the new technologies wich allows to earns one-tenth of a second, and to makes things that seem impossible at first… That’s probably why, in 1994, he founded MG Competition, company wich worked for Yamaha Motor France and Yamaha Japan, with two victories at the Bol d’Or, French and European titles. The machines builded in this workshops had always been extremely efficient; even when they have not won, they often had the best top speed, an important criteria for a motorist.

What I like about Martial is his eternal youth when he speaks about racing bikes. Today at 70, consultant for a team in World Endurance, he continues to go to the circuits with passion, and I know he has not yet showed all his potential in a large team.