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Ducati 916 Paso


Combine the fluidity of the Ducati Paso with the finesse and performance of the 916. Thanks to Hervé Corgier, talented illustrator whose journey you can discover in the SuperBolide Art Gallery, we have given it an appearance! Full story in the Team Blog

It’s Race day Today!


SuperBolide is, first and foremost, men and women who passionately love motorbike racing: Motocross, Speed, Endurance, Baja 1000 California… We have plenty of pilot’s stories for you.



Iconic Motorbikes


If we love to race, we are also passionate about beautiful mechanics. We are restoring racing machines in the  Superbolide Garage. During our wanderings, whether on the circuits or at collectors, we spot and photograph exceptional motorcycles whose stories we share with you.






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