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I am the co-founder of Super Bolide and along with my pilot friends of the Team, we’d like to share some of our own experiences as well as those of some of the men and women we’ve been lucky enough to meet and who have left their mark on the motor cycle racing circuit.
I personally raced motocross from 1977 to 1981. Then in 1988 and 1989, I participated in the Baja 1000 California and thanks to my teammates, I successfully completed both. Further to that, I had a shot at speed for a while until entering the Bol d’Or Classic in 2013 and 2018 as well as the first round of the European Legend Cup in 2019. 
In 2020, I participated in the Enduropale Vintage section of the Enduro du Touquet, riding a 1982 Yamaha.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog and have a great time with The SuperBolide Team.

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The vintage race of the famous Enduro du Touquet returned to the beach on January 31st.

The SuperBolide Team participated to this Enduropale vintage. We propose to share this adventure, telling you about our journey, from registration to the sands of Le Touquet…  Full story

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NEW DUCATI 916 PASO (by SuperBolide)

MV Agusta and Ducati are among the motorcycle brands that generate the most emotion in me. In terms of design and rider sensations, there is rarely a better choice. In recent years, Japanese manufacturers, for whom I have immense respect, have accelerated design efforts, resulting in machines that are inspired by mangas. I However, loving simplicity, I leave them to people who appreciate hyper-designed motorcycles. Thus I find that the last MV Agusta has fallen into  this category of over-intricate design, in particular the 675 and the 800, but the Superveloce should rectify this.

Ducati bikes have always thrilled me; I would give up my right arm to  ride, or even own, a Desmosedici. Two other Ducati, however, also excite me: the 916 and the Paso. The first has become a myth and I will not add to the praise about it. If the Paso pays homage to the great rider Renzo Pasolini, it has not marked the history of italian motorcycles. However, its very specific aesthetic has always given me a thrill.

That’s why I’ve conceived a Ducati that combines the fluidity of the Paso with the finesse and performance of the 916. Thanks to Hervé Corgier, the talented illustrator that you can discover in the SuperBolide Art Gallery (in french version of this website – english coming soon), we’ve brought it to life on paper. We would like to know your thoughts and opinions on it, which you can share with us on our Facebook page. If the opinions are positive, we will build a prototype… and maybe more.

Philippe Lebeau 

Ducati Paso 

Ducati 916 


The SuperBolide Team participated at the first round of the EELC with a Kawasaki 1170 from 1981. This race was organized during the Sunday Ride Classic on the Paul Ricard track… Story of our race


It was during the Bol d’Or Classic 2018 that the SuperBolide team was born. We entered two magnificent Yamaha FZ in this memorable race… All the adventures of the race!


Few laps of the Paul Ricard track aboard this mythical bike… See the video



When an almost sexagenarian participates in the Bol d’Or Classic , it necessarily reminds him when, 40 years earlier, he raced in motocross during the Bol d’Or in the area of Paul Ricard circuit… Read more



In & motion has developed an extremely innovative airbag and lent it to us for the Bol d’Or Classic. We did not push the test to trigger it in a crash. It has at least brought us serenity. A lot of bikers’ lives will be saved thanks to this extremely ingenious airbag… Read more